Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Bevy of Bluebirds

After days of rain it was nice to see the sun today though a bit on the cool side.  After doing the Thanksgiving Day lunch thing I was completely miserable from too much food.  Steak, shrimp and scallops.  Yum!  Not the traditional T-Day food but it sure was good.

Not being use to a large mid day meal I found myself wanting to take a nap.  Oh no...I won't sleep at night if I do that.  With the sun out I grabbed the camera and the dog and headed out.  She needed to burn up some energy from being stuck in the house after two rainy days.

There were at least a dozen bluebirds performing acrobatic feats in their efforts to get the cedar berries.  The Cedar Waxwings were taking their turn also but they stayed more to the inside of the tree so no really good photos of them.  The Bluebirds however went for the outer edges of the limbs where the greatest number of berries were.

There was the tilt and lean method, the flutter and sometimes just sit and look.  The lean and tilt was the preferred method.  They were quite amusing to watch.  The dog was ready to go before I was but then of course she took at least 15 running steps for every one step I took.

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