Friday, November 22, 2013

Late Autumn Day

It was another unusually warm day but for sure I am not complaining.  Cold air is suppose to arrive Sunday so it was nice to have a last opportunity to open up the house to air our.  The frogs and lizards were out enjoying the warm weather too.  I counted three Carolina Anole basking around the deck area this afternoon.


A little Downy Woodpecker has been hitting the suet feeder hard along with the %(*&$# squirrels.  By this afternoon is looked a little perplexed as to why so little left.  Late this afternoon I fixed up a batch of home made suet which the birds seem to prefer.  Once the cold weather arrives next week all they birds should hitting it pretty hard.

I spent the day getting up leaves before  the rain comes in.  It seems like this year the leaves have stayed on the trees quite a bit longer than usual.  I guess because we have had so little cold weather they are hanging on longer.  The Japanese Maples in the yard look like pillars of fire against the brown of the other trees.  They too turned later than usual and still have most of their leaves.


Woodduck said...

Glad you had a good outing!Cayenne pepper deters some squirrels. They don't like my safflower seeds.
Your maples look like mine. I still have blueberry bushes with fiery red leaves! I am willing to share blueberries with birds. I had a mockingbird nest in the middle of the bush, and she kept the majority of the birds away, for me. Maybe you'd like to plant one. We just freeze the berries as found in zip-lock bags and have blueberries all winter!

Paula said...

I have looked at a Blueberry bushes for the last two years and tried to decide if I had anywhere with sufficient sunlight. Way too many trees! I think I will give one a go in the spring. Yep, the mockers tend to be very territorial when they find a food source. They have been guarding the holly tree berries. Have a great Thanksgiving!