Friday, November 29, 2013

More Activity in The Cedar Trees

I went out for a bit around mid day.  The activity around the cedar trees was high.  What I wonder about is why the birds will select a specific tree then want to squabble over the berries.  On this farm, there are lots of cedar trees and all are loaded with berries but each day the birds target a different tree,

The Bluebirds and Waxwings were in a constant squabble with each other.  There were a couple of water bowls in one of the animal pens that the Waxwings kept visiting.  When some of the Bluebirds decided to join in, the Waxwings expressed their displeasure.
Sorry for the fence noise.

These trees also are a favorite of the Kinglets to hunt in.  This little Ruby-crowned got so close to me at times I could not even get the camera to focus without stepping back.

As I was walking back to the car, there was a water hole that the Dark-eyed Juncos were using as a bath spot.  They were really enjoying the water even on a cool day.

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