Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Courting Kingfishers

After several days of feeling under the weather, I ran by the park just a minute on my way to school today.   I monitor the Bluebird boxes there and usually go on Monday but the weather was rainy yesterday.  Since my check last week one box now has two eggs and the nest has been completed in two other boxes.

I did a quick walk through just to see if anything was happening.  It was close to 10:00 so things had already settled down a bit....with the exception of the Kingfisher couple.

Their rattle echoed across the pond and they chased and talked to each other quite a bit.  Looks like the bond is being established so hopefully little ones later in the year.  They were so much fun to watch last year with the adults teaching the young ones.



G L Buzzell said...

Lucky you to see these. I heard a kingfisher on my walk the other day but so far have not seen any. They are usually flitting around so not sure what is going on. My bluebirds were coming around and checking the box but all of a sudden they stopped. I checked the box, it is clean and no bees living in it. Sure hope they come back.

Paula said...

The Bluebirds can be a bit particular. They usually spend some time checking out houses first. Hopefully they will return. We put 4 new boxes up at the park this year and 3 have nest being built with one already having 2 eggs. Hopefully you can get a shot on the kingfishers. They are spooky birds.

Coppertop said...

Kingfishers are difficult to get photos of. Great captures, Paula!
I am anxious for the bluebirds to show up here in Maine again. We have five bird houses in our field.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. They are spooky birds but great fun to try and photograph. We are fortunate here that the Bluebirds are year-round. I went to check the houses at the park this morning and one house that had two eggs on Tuesday was empty this morning. Probably a black snake despite the predator guard.