Saturday, April 12, 2014


I did not go out long this morning as I was trying to finish sanding and staining my Grandmother's pie safe that I had been stripping.  When my Grandmother passed, that was one of the things I wanted and none of the other grandchildren seemed to have an interest in it.  To the best the family can figure it is close to 90 years old.

A quick walk through at the park where I went to check the Bluebird boxes, I saw this Mallard and thought the reflection in the water was quite nice.

Just a few minutes ago I went down to put out some food for the deer and spotted two new creatures in the area.  Of course the scurried in to a hiding hole but I feel sure with the quick look I got that they are Groundhogs.  In all the years I have been living here I have never seen one around.  I came back up to the house to get the trail camera and clippers to try and fix an area to catch them coming out of their hole.  I know any night shots will be a white-out since I have it set very close but I am after day shots anyway.  Hopefully tomorrow something will be on the trail cam.


Coppertop said...

I love this photo, Paula, so colorful and cheery!

G L Buzzell said...

Great photo. Love the reflection. Hopefully, you will post the pie safe photo when you have it finished. BTW, the bluebirds have finally arrived AND a hummingbird too!!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. They look so nice when they are in their bold, breeding colors.

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys. Yep, I will post a photo when finished. I guess it is about that time for the hummers. They usually show up around "Tax Day". Guess I need to pull out the feeders and clean. I always love when they arrive.