Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brown-headed CowbIrds

As sure as spring arrives and nest building begins, the Brown-headed Cowbirds show up and begin scoping out prospective nests to parasitize.  This pair showed up today and began intently watching. When they would spot what looked like nest building activity, they would move in for a closer look.
Sneaky little devils leaving the hard work of feeding to other birds.



G L Buzzell said...

I don't much like these birds, Paula, but your photos are great.

Coppertop said...

I second what Gladys said!
The photos are nice and sharp Paula, what are you using for a camera and lens?

Paula said...

Hello ladies, Yes, I don't care for them either and was not very happy to see them show up in the yard. Several times I went out to scare them away as I had some Cardinals building their nest in one of the shrubs. Hopefully that will be their last visit. Camera is a Canon 5D Mk III, lens is 400mm with 1.4 extender. Seems to be a nice lens combo.