Monday, March 31, 2014


What a beautiful day it ended up being.  After a few light, lingering clouds early this morning the sky cleared to a bright Carolina blue.  Temperatures warmed fairly quickly and if you could get out of the wind, it felt really nice outside.

The Kingfisher couple were in the wetlands taking advantage of the warming waters that brought the frogs and small fish to the surface.  They were having a big time.  The male chased the female around but she really did not want a lot to do with him.  A couple of times he brought the female a small fish trying to gain her favor.

One one dive, the male came up with a frog and carried to a nearby tree where he proceeded to whip the frog against the tree over and over.  I felt sort of bad for the frog.  A heck of a way to go to be beaten to death.


ME2NC said...

I haven't seen anything Kingfishers since last year. Do they migrate? Your pics are great - I think you have way more patience than I do. ☺️

Paula said...

They are year-round birds here. I really like the Kingfishers. They are fun to watch particularly this time of year while they are courting. I learned early on that a whole lot of wildlife photography is just waiting.

Kath said...

I love the king fisher with its mouth full of fish. here in England, our Kingfishers are bright turquoise. It always interests me the difference between "your" birds and "ours".