Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Preening

Humans do spring cleaning, birds do spring preening.  This Red-shouldered Hawk sat in a tree near the deck this afternoon and for 15 minutes sat and did some serious preening.  I could see fine feathers floating down as she would preen then shake.

This couple nested right beside the house last year and I am still trying to spot their nest this year.  They have been very active over the last couple of days flying and calling.  With the amount of time they have spending near the house I am sure they are nesting again this year.  I think I may have spotted their nest but really need to watch for a bit.


ME2NC said...

Hey Paula, I am beginning to believe that you live in a nature preserve. :-) Hopefully, they will build a nest where you can watch the progress.

Paula said...

It is almost like a refuge! There are 32 acres of woods, with two ponds and this in a suburban environment. Deer, fox, raccoon, opossum, the occasional coyote, birds, waterfowl all hang out. It is pretty neat.