Saturday, March 29, 2014

Eastern Towhee

The hard rain has stopped but a fine mist has continued to fall all day.  At least it is fairly warm.  Off and on today I have watched two male Towhees displaying and vying for the attention of a female.

Tail feather spreading, wing stretching and high hopping appeared to be the main ways of displaying.  Several times the two males would take to the are in mock fighting.


G L Buzzell said...

I still haven't seen one of these. I keep looking though.

Coppertop said...

I haven't seen a Towhee in Maine either. They are in my New England bird book though, I will have to look harder. Pretty bird and nice photos Paula.

Paula said...

Hello ladies! For whatever reason I have lots of them here at the house. I really like their coloration. Their antics are quite fun to watch while they are courting the lady birds.