Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ruddy Duck Dilemma

I went to the park this morning for a bit to see what was out.  Clouds started moving in earlier than expected so I didn't want to go anywhere far in case of showers.   Not too much was out.  I missed the shot of the beaver from underexposure.  One of those things when you swing over quickly just trying to get the shot.  Oh well.

As I was leaving there was a group of birders watching as a pair of Canada Geese was attacking a poor little Ruddy Duck.  I sat down the tripod and decided to see what was going on.  The group of birders thought the little duck was probably just sick but I could tell that it was caught.

When you see the little Ruddy Ducks just out swimming, you don't really realize how small they are.  Against the large Canada Geese they are dwarfed.    Several of us made some noise until the geese moved on.  The little Ruddy was in a predicament to where it was either going to fall prey to the geese, hawks or fox.  It just seemed an unfair way to go because of the hand of man.

I decide to stop in at the park office and talk with them.  One of them walked back out with me and decided he would get the canoe out and go over.  The little Ruddy was rescued and freed from the fishing line.  This kind of thing is what really bugs me about folks who don't dispose of broken fishing line properly.


G L Buzzell said...

Good that he was able to free it. What a difference in size between the duck and the geese!

Paula said...

I really felt sorry for the little duck. The tail feathers and leg were both tangled in the fishing line. The size difference is really noticeable when they are side by side.

Metis Birding said...

Thank goodness you were there! This world needs more people like you.