Monday, March 10, 2014

Flashing Some White

Yesterday afternoon when I went out to give the deer some food they were waiting on me.   With the time change and it staying lighter later, I was a little late going down.  Most of them know me and know that I won't harm them,  They back off a few feet but wait for me to pour out the food in separate little piles.

Every now and then one will flash up a tail.  I think it freaked out a bit because some Canada Geese that were also hanging out at the feeding spot took off honking.  As soon as the geese alerted, up the tail went on one.

One of the young ones that was born last season just sort of stood there like what the heck is all the excitement about.

I am ready for things  to start greening up so they will have plenty of food available and I can lay off feeding them for a while.  There is just so little for them to eat in the winter that I sort of feel sorry for them and this winter was a hard one.  I guess if truth be known, I enjoy just seeing them.  They get food, I get to see them up close.


ME2NC said...

I used to feed the deer in the winter in Maine, once hunting season was over. They really do get used to you. I would rattle the bucket of corn and deer would come from everywhere. We had 27 acres in Maine but since I now live in a neighborhood and only have 1/3 of an acre these days, there's no more feeding for me. I do miss it. Good pics, Paula.

Paula said...

Thanks. Yes, they do learn to recognize that rattle. That is what I do too. If they are down at the edge of the woods you see all kinds of heads sticking up once you rattle the bucket. I really enjoy the interaction with them. Don't have to worry about any hunters on this land though plus they spook if I have anyone else with me.