Saturday, March 8, 2014

Red-shouldered Hawks

Oh to be spring....well almost.  After a day and a half of almost solid rain and cold temperatures, the sun coming out today and temperatures in the mid 60's is an absolute treat. With mating and nesting in full swing for the hawks, I went out to check on a local pair of Red-shouldered Hawks.  I was very much surprised by their selection of a nesting tree this year.  Over the last three years they have always picked a tree with a good pocket area from the main trunk to where the branches start going out.


The nest this year looks very small and in a rather precarious position.  I have some worries that the nest will make it to fledge time.  Hopefully the adults will shore it up a bit.



ME2NC said...

Oh, doesn't that blue sky look pretty. I would have never known that was a nest.

We had one of these hawks hanging around for a bit about a month ago but I haven't seen it lately.

Paula said...

Had I not been there when the hawks flew to the nest, I would have never guessed it based on the size and location. Even when the leaves come out, I think I will still have a pretty good few to watch the young.