Monday, March 24, 2014

Hunting Frogs

You normally don't associate hawks and water but this pair has learned the pond is a good spot for hunting frogs. They sat in a tree beside the pond watching for the longest time.  The male swooped down after a frog and took off in a minute with frog in tow.

The female sat in the same tree for another few minutes then changed position.  The sight of the frogs bobbing finally became too much temptation.  If the frogs won't come out of the water, then you go in after the frogs.

She tried on multiple attempts with no success.  Her moves became bolder and bolder with her ending up in the water several times.  At last success.  Not sure what she got but she flew to the other side under some brush.  I could see her pulling something apart so at least she got a meal.


Coppertop said...

Fascinating! Great story and pictures, thank you Paula.

G L Buzzell said...

Yum, frog legs for dinner. Love the pics.

Paula said...

Thanks to both you ladies. It was a neat experience and a lot of fun to watch.