Sunday, March 16, 2014

Searching for Breakfast

I went out fairly early to get in some last outside time before the rain.  It was not too bad out early but cloud cover has increased all morning and temperatures started falling.
Tomorrow is going to be a particularly raw day with more rain in the forecast until Wednesday. Much more and I am going to start looking at plans for an ark!

The hawks were out early trying to find some breakfast.  They are usually a bit on the shy side but today, this female who is still fairly young based on her color,  flew to a nearby tree  not once but twice.  At the second location, we looked at each other eye to eye so I know she knew I was there.  Maybe she was hoping that I would stir something up while I was walking.  It gave me the opportunity for a couple of nice shots.


ME2NC said...

Love the photos, Paula. Did you get your new lens yet? Glad we had a few nice days before rains started again.

Paula said...

Yes and I am loving the combination of using the Canon 400mm with 1.4 extender. The quality of the shots is better than I could have ever hoped for with the Tamron and way faster. Very happy with the combo.