Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wet, Wet, Wet

After three days of rain (including ice on Sunday/Monday), it has finally stopped this afternoon.  It is still very overcast but I just had to get out a little.  Both the dog and I were beginning to get a case of cabin fever.  I put her on the leash and out we went.

I just walked around the yard seeing what the ice damaged.  All the daffodils which were so pretty are bent over on the ground.  The camellias  also took a hit with the flowers turning dark.  What a shame because they were so pretty.  One of the bushes that the flowers seem a bit more hardy still have some pretty flowers.

All of the rain has been a boom to all kinds of fungi.  This one particular stick had several kinds growing on it that I thought was quite interesting.  I like all of the subtle colors and shapes.  With the projected warmer weather over the next couple of days things should come to life.


ME2NC said...

Pretty flower and really weird fungi. I wondered if your area ended up with ice. We didn't get ice, just LOTS of rain. Sounds like some sun is heading our way.

Paula said...

We got a thin layer of ice and I just could not believe it. Yep, I am so tired of rain. I thought the fungi was sort of cool too.