Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trail Cam Shots

I always look for something other than deer to capture on the trail camera for a yearly contest.  Part of the rules of the contest is that you cannot do any post processing.  It is whatever comes out of the camera.  It is only an 8mp camera so quality is only going to be so so.

The Woodchuck/Groundhog will be my subject this year I believe.  I am going to try several different positions and see which comes out the best.  I watched it for a while this morning via the binoculars and when there was a break in the rain went out to retrieve the camera.

I didn't realize however that the lens had a film on in so I cleaned it before setting it out again.  For my next  try I used two cables hooking it around the big tree to try a different angle.  Tomorrow will tell but I think I like the angles of this shot and will give  this one a try again with a clean lens.

That area appears to be a hot spot of activity.  The raccoon was there again but fortunately was not able to move the camera this time.


G L Buzzell said...

Great shot of the groundhog, Paula. Your trail cam does a nice job.

Is the raccoon a young one or are they that small in NC?

Paula said...

Hi Gladys, The trail cam does pretty good for what it is. My guess would be this is a younger raccoon. It is fairly small compared to some around here. I have seen some very large coons around here.

Leslie C. said...

Hi Paula, I'm so amazed by all of your pics! I live in Raleigh. Did you spot the groundhog around here?

Coppertop said...

Trail cams are a such great invention! Great photos.

Paula said...

Hi Leslie, Thanks. Yes, I am local to the surrounding Raleigh area. To my surprise, I spotted it here at the house! Was quite surprise since it is the SE corner of the county. I knew they were in the northern part of the county but I guess they are spreading.

Paula said...

Hi Liz, I do have a good time with the trail cam. It lets you get insight to things you would otherwise not see. They are a lot of fun to fool around with.