Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost Yellow Bird

When I arrived home this afternoon I took the dog for her walk as usual.  Arriving back close to the house, a yellow bird swooped by almost landing on me then veered at the last minute up to the tree.  Of course, first thought was go get the camera.  The dog and I ran the remaining way home, I grabbed the camera and back out.

Well what do you know!  What I thought was possibly some wayward exotic wild visitor turned out to be a lost or set free parakeet.  Eventually it made its way to the house.  In a bit when I looked out the window, it was walking on the ground under the feeder finding seeds.

I eased out and it showed no fear and eventually after holding my hand out for a while, it flew to me.  What could I do?  It was waiting to fall victim to a cat or hawk.  I had a small cage and placed the bird in it.  Off to a local pet shop hoping for word of maybe someone who had lost a bird.  No luck.  Considered the SPCA but they were now closed.

So, back to the pet shop, buy a larger cage, some food, etc.  Bird is resting comfortably after a rather eventful day.  A little challenge getting it from one cage to the other that resulted in two free flights.   I guess until I can either find it a good home, or become attached (whichever comes first), I have a new guest.

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