Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Quick Birding

I went out for a very short time this morning to try and catch a bit of birding between rain showers. 
My intent was to just take a quick look about to see if any of the Bobolinks had arrived.  None yet.

I had parked along side the road just walking along listening and looking.  I thought earlier this week I had heard a Common Yellowthroat but never spotted it.  Bird songs from a season past take a bit to kick in for instant recognition.  Today I did spot several.  They are generally one of the first arriving seasonal birds.

As I was watching the Yellowthroat trying for a good shot, several Turkey Vultures came in resting atop fence posts. They spread their wings trying to dry from the morning showers. The skies were becoming increasingly overcast making color definition harder when another vulture flew in. I noticed this one appeared darker and was a bit different in body and beak shape. Indeed it was a Black Vulture. In the several years of birding at this particular area, this is the first Black Vulture I can recall seeing.

It seems as though there has been an increase in the presence of vultures in the area over the last year. Several of us at work were talking about this earlier this week as we watched a rather large group that had flown on the property where I work.

It use to be rare to see one at the house but now is a daily occurance with around five roosting in the trees behind the house

It looks as though we are going to have a brief break in the weather so I think I will run down the road a bit to see if I can spot the Redstarts.

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