Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning Walk

After the miserable rainy day yesterday I headed out early this morning.  Still overcast with the sun peeking out only now and then but no rain.  Arrival at the pond was greeted with an unexpected surprise of three Osprey that were stirring things up.  They were flying about, diving toward the pond and fussing with each other.  They come about this time each year and will stay around through April then move on to one of the larger lakes in the area.
Out on the pond I am not sure what Mr. Studly Bufflehead had going for him but he was the only drake with seven hens.  He was sure boasting about his harem of hens.

The Rough-winged Swallows have arrived and were busy swooping over the pond catching insects.  It will not be long now before the Tree and Barn Swallows arrive.  Eventually there will be so many they line the side of the bridge that goes over the pond.

The drake Woodduck was busy guarding the area around the nestbox.  The hen flew in while I was walking across the bridge so hopefully there will be some little woodies this year.  The box they nested in last year was invaded and all the eggs destroyed.  Very sad when you are hoping they will re-establish themselves at this location.

Walking on to the back side of the park I passed a pair of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets in a fast game of chase.  Sorry for the poor quality shot but this was in deep shade.  The ruby on one was standing high and was quite an eye catcher.

Arriving at the back marsh area, there were plenty of mallards and Canada geese searching the water for goodies.  The turtles are liking the dam the beavers built and form a line across the top to warm in the sun.

I wanted to check the status of the nesting tree where I watched the Brown-Headed Nuthatches and the take over attempt by the Chickadees.The nuthatches were going in and out of the hole and closely guarding their territory against the still lurking Chickadees.  They have now begun bringing in nesting material so it appears they are the victor.   Or are they?  While I was standing there sure enough the Chickadees tried again.  The nuthatches may be small but they have an attitude and quickly chased off the invaders.

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