Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Activity


Spring has finally arrived and all signs it is going to be a long, hot, summer if the first few days of spring are an indicator.  Leaves are exploding out and everything is covered with a fine coat of pollen.  Almost daily sporadic rain showers help a little with clearing the yellow coating.

Bird activity is high.  Lots of tweets, chirping and fussing.  On Monday, my friend and I stood and watch a pair of Brown Headed Nuthatches giving their all on a hole in a stump.  The pair would alternate work time and the one not working was always close by.

This afternoon, a pair of Carolina Chickadees attempted a takeover.  Lots of fighting resulting in a Chickadee hitting the water.

The frogs are out and begin their croaking just as the sun begins to lower beind the tree line.  More and more join in until their croaking syncs to a loud serendae.

A Muskrat was busy exploring the new water area made possible courtesy of the beavers.  It put on a show and did not seem to mind that several people were intently watching it.  Several children were so excited and couldn't understand the difference between it and a beaver and were sure it was the beaver.  But no, it is a muskrat. 

The Phoebes are numerous most busy announcing their name, building nests and swooping after insects. 

Lastly, yellow bird from the previous post seems to have settled in a bit.  I believe I am having a harder time excepting it being caged.  Just doesn't seem natural.  It however is so habituated that the poor thing just would not stand a chance on its own.  That is why I have a hard time with birds being sold as pets.  If someone now just tired of this bird and let it go then shame on them.  You can't habituate a bird to humans and then expect it to make it in the wild.  I am still uncertain on what the outcome will be. 

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