Friday, August 16, 2013

A Pleasant Morning

A little sunshine this morning before clouds started moving in turning the sky milky white.The cold front that came through Wednesday still has temperatures pleasant.  Tomorrow should be a wash out so I wanted to get out today and enjoy the nice weather.  As it warmed up the birds became active.

There were several Great Crested Flycatchers searching for insects on the mimosa tree.  They were so busy trying to keep the other bird away neither could search long.

Moving on I watched a Great Blue Gnatcatcher working an area.  There have been more very tiny green tree frogs this year than I have ever seen.  The bird chased, caught, lost and finally re-caught the tiny frog.  Several what appear to be younger birds came in and started begging but the adult gave them a no-no.

I saw a Yellow Warbler in the yard this morning but by the time I could get out with the camera it was gone. I have high hopes that the large number of warblers that came through in the spring will come back through during the fall migration.

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