Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Morning Outing

A hint of cool in the air and a gentle breeze made for a delightful morning out.  There was quite a bit of bird activity compared to yesterday morning.  I wished I had taken my scope when I arrived at my first location but had decided against it since I was already hauling two cameras.

I saw more Common Yellowthroats this morning, though they were all female of juveniles than I have seen all year.  They were doing some serious insect hunting in the undergrowth.

The Jewelweed have begun blooming and the number of hummingbirds are increasing.

I saw more Robber Flies today than I have seen in a while.  They were all finding a sunny location to warm.

There was no shortage of horse flies and they too were warming in the sun.  Fortunately they were not interested in biting, just warming.

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