Monday, August 5, 2013

The Curious Fawn

When I went to retrieve the trail camera, there were lots of nose shots.  Since the doe started bringing the fawns up, this has happened often.  I stand at the window and watch when I see the fawns arriving and they definitely have complete different personalities.  One is very outgoing and the other is more timid.

If any of the other deer arrive while they are feeding, the timid one will always dash off but the more outgoing fawn will attempt to engage the older deer in play by jumping around and head butting.

The more timid of the two still attempts nursing as mom doe is eating but the more outgoing one is eating the deer chow.

 The trail camera contest here that I have a picture entered in is open for voting. Check out the photos.  You select one photo from the deer category, US and Canada category and international category.  HINT, HINT - on US and Canada....Vote for #54 (giggle) and thanks!  Should the photo happen to win, the camera will be donated to a nearby park.

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