Thursday, August 22, 2013

American Redstart

I have been very busy this week doing some things in the house in preparation for painting and new carpet.  In the process I am doing a massive de-clutter of stuff.    I want to get down to the bare minimum.  I am really just tired of stuff everywhere that has to be dusted.

The few cool days we had last week that teased us with a prelude to fall weather has gone and the dog days of summer have returned.

Some signs of the impending fall are definite.  A couple of us noted how the dogwood berries are already turning red.  Seems a bit early.  Possible signs of a cold winter?

I am beginning to see more and more warblers  come in.  A pair of Redstarts have been hanging around quite a bit this week.  The male comes late in the afternoon to drink from the fountain and splash around a bit in the water.

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