Saturday, August 3, 2013


Gray skies and low clouds were the start for the morning.  The sun has tried to come out several times but the clouds win out.  It is a humid, muggy feeling kind of day.  The mosquitoes make it miserable to be anywhere out in the woods.

A brief walk this morning just to get out but I didn't stay long.  In one little area of the creek, there were around a dozen younger catfish averaging 7-10 inches.  Just a little below them a bit were several dozen very small catfish 3-4 inches.

All were swimming back and forth skimming the water.  I am not sure if they were eating or if because the water was getting so low there was a low level of oxygen.  One of the larger catfish did snatch a dragon fly that had landed on a piece of grass floating on the water.  Unbelievably quick!

They are such odd looking fish with their whiskers and rounded head.  Not the best shots but it was too overcast to use a polarizing filter.

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