Friday, August 9, 2013

Blue Grosbeak

I went out this morning to get in a little digiscoping practice time.  The EVF for the GX-1 had arrived and I wanted to give it a try and see if it helped.  While the resolution is definitely not good enough to use for focusing, it was a big help in framing the shot while in bright sunlight.  The LCD screen was useless when in full sunlight.

I came across a male Blue Grosbeak and he was more than cooperative about standing still.  Rare to get such a great practice opportunity.  He occasionally flew to another tree but never far.  I finally realized the reason when female popped out from some of the underbrush along with a couple of young birds.

He was keeping look out as they were hunting.   A couple of times when she came out, he would fly to her.  I kept watching hoping to get them together then all of a sudden there they were.  I only got one shot though and was holding my breath it would come out okay.

I am beginning to get more comfortable with the digiscoping however a different tripod head is going to be a must.  I am missing too many shots as the current one takes too long to adjust.  I  probably still need to use some reading glasses for focusing as that seems to remain an issue.

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