Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sweet Spots

After a frustrating day yesterday with the tripod that I mount the scope on, I made up my mind to head to the camera store today with gear in hand and try different tripod heads until I found one I was happy with.

The store was very patient let me mount my scope and try several tripod heads.  I think I made a good choice and look forward to going out and giving it a field try.

I picked up the trail camera early this morning as I knew the batteries were getting low.  There were several really sweet captures of the fawn antics.   Both fawns seem to have a fascination with squirrels that are trying to steal a bit of food.  One was curious about the crows that come and sit in the trees above them and squawk.

I was quite disturbed by the images of someone's Pit Bull in the area though.  There is a leash law and the dogs are not supposed to be running loose.  I worry for the fawns safety.

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