Friday, February 24, 2012

And Then There Were Two

Early in to work this morning so early home.  Gusting winds with a tornado watch in effect took me out to secure some loose items that were blowing about.  A rather large group of Yellow-Rumped Warblers hunting insects on some vines first caught my attention.  I tried a couple of shots but with the dark conditions and high winds moving the vines, no good shots.

What next caught my attention was a little Brown-Headed Nuthatch.  It flew to the feeder, took a seed and up to the limb.  As I was looking through the lens adjusting the light, to my surprise another flew in.  What followed was I feel certain courtship ritual between the two.

At first they just sat side by side.  That was followed by much self preening and feather fluffing.  Again they just sat for a bit.  Slowly they kept turning as if looking at each other.  Lots of head cocking and turning.  Next one began to preen the other then after a bit they reversed roles.  After a bit more feather fluffing.  Finally there was either a simulated or true copulation act.  After another brief quiet moment, they flew to another tree and the ritual began again.  It was beginning to sprinkle so I called it an afternoon.
Normally the little Brown-Headed Nuthatches are such speedy never sit still birds that it was sort of cool to be able to watch them closely for a while.


Woodduck said...

You! Another good one...thanks.

Paula said...

Thanks! It's that good birding mojo!