Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunning and Watching

Home a bit early today I took advantage of such a beautiful day.  The faintest hint of coolness in the air but bright sunshine.  Trees are beginning to pop with a pinkish color of newly
emerging leaves.

The hawks were keeping such a fuss when I arrived home flying again checking out various trees.  I take this as a good sign of their intent of nesting near by.  The other birds and squirrels did not much care for the hawks so close and fussed continually.

One finally rested on a limb for quite a bit of time enjoying the sunny spot that had good views.   It seems most of the time they fly when you start trying to get to a good vantage point for pictures but today this one was very cooperative. 

The last shot was disappointing.  I had made up my mind to stand in one location until it took flight.  I was hoping for a good flight shot.  Oh well, another day.  The camera chose to shift focus to focus on one of the pesky in the way branches and not the bird.

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