Friday, February 3, 2012

Ummm Umm - Snake is good eating

When I arrived home this afternoon, I went through my usual routine of a little rough play with the dog then walk out on the deck and look around the yard.

I noticed a Brown Thrasher giving something the once over.  Back inside to get the camera and back out.  I figured it would be gone but it was still there and giving something heck.  As I eased closer my first thought was it was an earthworm on steroids.  The thrasher would peck at it on the ground for a bit then pick it up and sling it from side to side. 

I was finally able to get close enough to see that indeed it was a young Red-Bellied Brown Snake.  The thrasher kept eyeing me like I was going to take it's prize and finally grabbed it up and flew off a bit.

I walked over to check out the area and indeed there was another young snake out also but today unlike it's sibling, had a lucky day for it as it was free to move on.


Robert Mortensen said...

Wow! Never thought of them eating small snakes before.

Paula said...

The bird was definitely having to work for this meal. The tough skin was proving a challenge. It would lay it over the stick close by and peck on it. Smart bird.