Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brown-Headed Nuthatch

Non-descript, diminutive, sleek, elusive, and fast all describe the Brown Headed Nuthatch yet for such a small bird they are chocked full of personality.  Who says brown is boring?

When I arrived home from an outing, I stood and watched one that was back and forth to the feeder.  It would grab a seed then up to the tree.  As I watched it time and time again going to the feeder, I realized it was the safflower seed that it was getting each time.  Sometimes it would take it up to the tree and with several strikes get it open and eat.  Other times, it would go to one particular branch then quickly back to the feeder.

After several visits to this one particular branch, I realized it was stashing the seeds in a hollow spot.  It made me wonder will it really remember where it put the seeds or will they just become lost seeds.

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