Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Lives

Winter just could not pass without reminding us it is still winter.  Temperatures have been dropping like a rock all afternoon as a cold front moves in from the NW.  Winds are gusting making it that much colder.  I believe I heard that we are going to drop down to about 23 tonight.  Too cold.  Fortunately this is only suppose to last about 4 days then back up to mid to high 50's.

I still cannot be up much on my foot without it starting to swell so I have spent a fairly sedate Saturday looking out the window and wishing I was outside.  I did manage to go to the reception for the art and photography contest I had entered.  Extrememly pleased I took first place in the park category and best in show overall. 

Back to birding.  Watching the birds today it is like they knew a cold front was coming in.  Activity at the feeders was high and alot of fussing amongst the birds.  The suet feeder was occupied all day and at times, possessiveness caused some intense conflict.

A small Japanese maple that is in the area of the suet feeder was a resting place for those not wishing to jump into the fray of the fight.  It is right in front of the window where I was sitting so provided some good shots.

Lots of Yellow-Rumped Warblers today.  More than I have seen the entire winter so I am not sure where they flooded in from.  I forgot how obnoxious they can be.  They were constantly doing fly-by's on the other birds and giving them a little goose.  A couple in particular thought the suet feeder belonged to them.

I see the male Pine Warbler quite often but today he brought his lady friend with him.  When I first saw her I had to stop and really take a look to figure out what she was.  Today, she stayed most of the day while he sat in a nearby tree.

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