Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beautiful Winter Day

Saturday was more reminiscent of an early spring day versus an early winter's day.  Frost was on the boardwalk over the pond early in the morning but quickly burned off as the sun rose higher.  By the end of the day temperatures had risen to about 63.

I didn't stay too long as I had a breakfast get together to attend.  There were lots of Canada Geese on the pond when I first arrived but most of my shots looked horrible.  By the time the light was good, they had all taken off.

I did take one shot of an unusually marked goose that stood out among the other geese.  A quirk of Mother nature.


G L Buzzell said...

I really like the photo of the bridge. That goose does look a bit weird.

Coppertop said...

I've got to DITTO what Gladys said, she took the words right out of my mind! :-)

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys and Liz. I was trying out my new fish eye lens I got for Christmas. Other than the Tamron lens I sent back, this is my only 3rd party lens. Could not justify the price of a Canon lens for a minimal use specialty lens. I need to find the right "artsy" use for it but it will be fun to play with.