Thursday, December 18, 2014


The female Kingfisher was quite active at the pond today.  She chattered and flew about fussing at an immature Red-shouldered Hawk that was sitting nearby.

Yesterday my friend caught a shot of what I feel sure is the same hawk chasing after the Kingfisher.  The hawk today did not try to go after it but conserved energy focusing on the small birds under it.

I had hoped that the Northern Shovlers were still there today but no such luck.  This time of year things come through, spend the night on the pond then take off for parts unknown.

The mallards of course were still on the pond.  When the hawk flew down after something close to where this mallard was, it spooked and took off to a safer position in the middle of the pond.


Coppertop said...

Awesome Photos Paula. I especially like the Kingfisher ones.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. She was pretty much ignoring me today and flitting about teasing the hawk. Most of the time they ghost when people are around so it was a treat to get some nice shots of her.

ME2NC said...

I tried and tried to get a Kingfisher photo this year but I never had one get close enough. I like all the photos but I really like the one of the mallard coming out of the pond. Nice job.

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys. The Kingfishers can definitely be a bit of a challenge but I just think they are such neat looking birds. One of these days when you least expect it, there will be one close waiting for you to snap a shot.