Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Northern Shovlers

After a rainy, gray day yesterday it was nice to see the sun out this morning.  I headed to the park early and found lots of N. Shovlers had arrived.  I wished I had taken my long lens with me but had planned mostly on doing some macro stuff.

I think I will go back in the morning with the long lens and see what else I can get.  I would like to get some shots of the large group but they were too far out with the lens I had today.

These are such odd looking ducks with their large flat bill.  I get tickled at them swimming in circles with their head under water.  They definitely have their own technique for stirring up food.


Coppertop said...

Shovel beaks for sure! I didn't realize they were so colorful. Nice photos Paula!

ME2NC said...

I like the colors, Paula. They DO have big beaks.

Paula said...

Hi Liz, Their beaks do fit their feeding style. When the drakes start getting their breeding colors they are quite pretty.

Paula said...

Hey Gladys, they do indeed have a beak that looks almost over-sized for their head. I think the drakes in flight are quite handsome showing off their colors.