Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tree Zombie

Have you ever been walking in the woods and felt like something was watching you? You feel a chill run up your spine as you look around.  Then you spot it...a tree zombie!

Okay, so it really did not have red glowing eyes (borrowed the eye from the Black-crowned Night Heron).  I just thought it looked like something fun for a change.

I think it is neat the shapes holes and broken trees can take on if you just let your imagination take over.

The real photo below.


ME2NC said...

Ha-ha!! I think you need to get out more, Paula. *grin* This made me have a belly laugh. VERY creative!

Paula said...

Thanks Gladys. glad it gave you a laugh. Ya know, it is like the candy bar commercial....sometimes you fell like a nut....sometimes you don't. My friend wondered what the heck I was taking a shot of when I stopped to photograph the tree. Sometimes you just feel a bit silly.

Coppertop said...

Silly is good! Thank you for the chuckle this morning. Love this post!

Paula said...

Thanks Liz. Laughter just makes the day better!