Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Red-headed Woodpecker

Several weeks ago while scouting the river's edge, my friend and I came across this tree where we watched the woodpecker flying to and from.  The light at that time was not very good so we just watched.

Yesterday we walked back to the area and once again the woodpecker was there.  We watched as it flew back and forth, sometimes bringing in new nuts, sometimes taking food out of the stash holes.

In addition to holes that were obviously nesting holes, there were smaller ones where the woodpecker was stashing food.  Not only was this the nesting tree but a food locker.  Observing this only illustrated the importance of leaving dead trees that are being used by woodpeckers.

There are a couple of trees around the house that are dead but are also used for nesting by various woodpeckers.  With pleasure,  I would definitely forego a pristine, well manicured lawn  to leave essential nesting trees.


Coppertop said...

Wow! The red head on these woodpeckers is so vibrant!
I agree with you Paula on leaving dead trees for the wildlife.

Paula said...

They are probably my favorite of the woodpeckers with their bright red head and their tuxedo black and white. With so much land being cleared, I think it is important too to leave tree snags if possible.

ME2NC said...

Love that red head against the brilliant blue sky. They are so pretty. I agree on leaving nesting habitat for the birds. Besides, dead trees have a beauty of their own.120

Paula said...

They are pretty birds. I look forward to the spring to try and catch the juveniles with their dark head before they start changing. A tree may be dead but the amount of life that uses them for various purposes can be amazing.