Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sun, Wind and Hawk

Finally after several days of gray, the sun came out late this morning.  The wind was really kicking up though.  Thankfully the wind took down the last of the leaves on the oak tree so I hope leaf blowing is coming to an end.

The Red-shouldered hawk was on its lookout tree with back to the wind.  The wind was sufficient enough to rock the hawk and it finally flew off to find a more protected place out of the wind.

I am hoping that the rain projected for tomorrow will not materialize.  Just checking the radar it looks like it may be falling apart.


Coppertop said...

Nice photo Paula.
Hoping your weather wish is granted!

ME2NC said...

He is looking quite majestic up there, Paula. We didn't see any of those blue skies here. It cleared a bit and then went right back to the clouds. Looks like rain tonight.

Paula said...

Thanks Liz and Gladys. The blue skies were short lived and it is gray again today. Blue skies tomorrow though!