Saturday, December 6, 2014

Golden-crowned Kinglet

It has been a misty, gray day with off and on drizzle, a perfect day to be lazy.

One of my favorite birds that come in for the winter are the Golden-crowned Kinglets.  Unlike the Ruby-crowned that show very little fear on being close to you, the Golden-crowned is a bit more elusive.

Their golden crown will turn a brilliant orange when they are excited.  During the winter, whether it is the gold or orange splash, it is a welcome spot of color.


Coppertop said...

I am jealous, you have so many pretty birds Paula.

Paula said...

They are only here during the winter so I feel fortunate when I get to see them. They never sit still long so it can be a bit of challenge to get a decent shot.

ME2NC said...

What a little cutie, Paula. Make that gray sky light up.

Paula said...

They are cut, and tiny. Was glad to have something brighten up the day.