Friday, December 10, 2010

Birds at the Lake

My first stop was at my usual birding spot. A little on the slow side with the exception of lots of Goldfinches and Bluebirds. Love the Bluebirds.
They just have a very sweet look about them.
I went down to my parents to try to photograph my new nemesis bird, the eagle(s) and osprey. I stepped in to let my Mom know I was down at the lake and we were looking out the window discussing the antics of the herons, the eagles flew by. Just a little late. They generally come early so by 0800 I will be at the lake. The weather is suppose to turn ugly Sunday and a cold rain on Monday so tomorrow is my last chance for a couple of days. Since you never know how long they will stay, I want a chance at a good photo.
The herons were once again very active and I simply could not believe when on two separate occasions, one came and perched within 10 feet of me. I guess I had been sitting on the bench for so long they were okay with my presence and felt safe.
I could see the swan up the lake and it was on the way. Wild but habituated so off I went for a couple of slices of bread. They really are beautiful birds. It ended up swimming close by for about another 20 minutes.

After a while of sitting and waiting, hoping for the return of the eagles, I turned my attention to the birds on the Alder trees. Joy!
I had tried earlier in the morning for a good shot of a Golden Crown Kinglet with no luck and now had at least 8 or 9 right in front of me. As they definitely do not sit still long, I took a good position on the big rock and waited. Finally, a couple of good shots.

I walked back to the bench but then noticed a lot of activity on a pine tree. I walked on down and the tree had at least a dozen Pine Warblers flitting about. Every now and then one would come down to the edge of the lake for a drink or in search of something along the edge.

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