Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shrike - Loggerhead or Northern?

I went with my friend to Southern Pines which is about an hour away. Slow birding day because of the cold and wind. I was however thrilled to get a shot of this Shrike. Now as I look closely at it, I am uncertain whether it is a Northern or Loggerhead. As this is my first Shrike, I do not have a comparison to a known bird. I am leaning towards a Loggerhead simply by geographic location. By coloration, the gray appears lighter which makes me think Northern. If anyone knows for certain, please leave a comment.

Quite a few Kildeer were hurrying and scurrying around in the horse pastures.

There were also lots of deer grazing about in nearby fields. They would watch you with a cautious eye but were not too worried about your distant presence. Something unknown would spook them and they would bolt but later reappear in another location.

Our hostess was gracious and patient in riding us around a local land preserve in hopes of spotting a Fox Squirrel. I appreciate her kindess and hope I will have the opportunity for another visit.


Kath said...

Wonderful photos as ever. I am enjoying discovering all these new birds, I am looking forward to seeing a fox-squirrel!

Paula said...

Thanks Kath. I too am looking forward to the day I get to spot the Fox Squirrel. Elusive little creatures.