Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whirl Wind Trip Planning to Pea Island NWR

My friend and I had talked about taking another day trip down east before my vacation is over and this morning we changed from a day trip to an over-nighter. We have decided to continue on to Pea Island NWR on the Outer Banks. This will give us time to enjoy the trip and take our time on what we photgraph. We leave out tomorrow morning at 0500.

Since it is the off-off season, room rates were extremely affordable. The outer banks during peak season, out of my range at most places. However, for birders looking for migrating waterfowl, this is the season! Bonus score.

It has been a busy day making preparations, charging all batteries up and making sure everything is packed. My dog sitter cancelled at the last moment but the young kid up the street jumped at the opportunity to earn some money. I remember what it was like to be 14 and wanting to earn some money. He is reliable and knows Ali so I feel good about it.

We should be able to squeeze in some side visits to a couple of the lighthouses. Figure is is just a good photo op. It has been quite a while since I have visited some of them.

Pea Island NWR Facts: Established in 1937 as federal wildlife refuge, 5834 land acres, 25,700 with water bounderies. Refuge is comprised of ocean beach, fresh and brackish water ponds, dunes, salt flats and salt marshes.

Bird list stands at 365 species (covering all seasons), 24 species of mammals, 24 species of reptiles and 5 species of amphibians. Of course the reptiles and amphibians will more than likely not be out this time of year.

Endanged and threatened species include peregrine falcon, loggerhead sea turtles (during mating season), and piping plovers. Keeping my fingers crossed on the peregrine. Other than photos, I have never seen one.

Weather is suppose to be great, looking forward to the trip and hope to have good pictures when I get back.

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