Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Here!!!

Over the last year, I have had an intense desire to step in to the world of digiscoping. My Canon 100-400mm has served me well and most of the time gives me what I need. But....over the last 5 months and many missed opportunities with the eagles, osprey and other wildlife, the time had arrived.

I have read and scoured every website where I thought I could gleam information to help me on my selection of a scope that was within my budget. Swarovski seemed to be the top pick but regardless of how much I enjoy taking photos and how much time I spend enjoying that activity, I could not justify the cost. It is after all, a hobby. If hard times hit, I would rather have the money in the bank.

So after much research, which was an education process in itself, I made my decision and went with the Vortex Razor HD. It arrived yesterday afternoon and sadly by the time I arrived home from work, the weather had turned ugly so I was not able to take it out until today.

I did not attempt any shots with it today as the wind was gusting 40-60 mph. Trying to focus on any one thing was nearly impossible and did not want to get frustrated right off the bat. I took it out on the roof of the building where I work and focused on a far away parking lot. Pretty impressive. All the "men folk" had to come out and have a look and seem to think it was a good choice. Amazingly clear optics and easy to focus. Wood Duck here I come!

Unfortunately I have to work the weekend but hopefully can squeeze in a little time to give it a try. I am sure the learning curve will provide many opportunities for total frustration hopefully leading to some exceptional shots. Just another challenge and an opportunity for learning.

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