Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Spy Outside My Window -

Today is a very raw feeling weather day. We awoke to a light dusting of snow followed by freezing rain. Just a plain out nasty day to do much of anything. The roads are terrible with many wrecks so it is a stay at home day. After a freeze over tonight, I suspect the roads will be even worse in the morning.

The only good thing about a day like today is if you are fortunate to be off work, when snow is on the ground, the birds flock to the feeders. I sat at the window for about an hour this morning enjoying a hot cup of tea and photographing the birds. I had two chairs pulled up and Ali sat in one watching intently at the fluttering about of the birds. She was fine until the squirrels came then hot breath fogging up the window and drool and to go.

I woke early to take a couple of suet cakes out of the freezer to let them thaw out a little. I wanted to have them out early as I knew the birds would be searching for food. I have been rewarded all day with constant visitors to the feeders. There were so many birds I threw a handful of seed on the ground for the doves, sparrows and a few others that prefer the ground.
Lots of Cardinals.

I have throughly enjoyed the Bluebirds today. At one point I counted about a dozen. I knew there were quite a few young ones around by summers end so it looks like they are hanging around.
The variety that have visited today has been amazing. I have racked up on the feederwatch numbers today. Some came and went so quickly I could not get a good shot.

Feeling sorry for the squirrels I put out a handful of corn for them. Mostly as a lure to tempt them from climbing for the suet.


Patty Ashworth said...

Could you please tell me where you are? I love the pictures and wondered where in the world this could be....

Paula said...

Hi Patty, I live close to Raleigh, NC Laughingly I told one of my fellow birding friends I had a great birding day and never got out of my PJ's. These were taken through the window looking out to the feeders. Glad you like the photos. - Paula