Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning Flight of Big Blue

At last, the first day of a long vacation. I never could organized today to much of anything. I took Ali to the dog spa for a bath, nail trim and ear clean. Her skin had become so dry since it has turned cold so she had an oatmeal water soak then bath. I think if wore her out.

Both parents called separately excited by the activity at the lake today. Both the eagle and osprey were flying quite a bit today and the heron's were abundant. I rode down briefly as I only had a short time before I had to pick Ali up. The Mergansers had come over to the main part of the lake since the more shallow cove where they had been was covered with a thin layer of ice. I roughly guess there were 100+. They are a lively bunch and noisey. It is a muffled little noise they make but multiplied by many definitely makes the lake alive. The Cormorants were hanging out of their favorite piece of real estate. They did not seem happy when Big Blue arrived.

As the Great Blue Herons normally are solitary I can only guess they are beginning mate selection. While considered monogamous, they actually do not mate for life but are loyal to their current mate. I have never seen so much flying and squaking. I checked in to their mating times and since in this area they normally begin nest building in February, I concluded they are sizing up potential mates. It was a sight to see. I was unprepared to get good shots but definitely plan to go back tomorrow.

My digiscoping attempt at the eagle today was not good. I will regroup tonight and come up with another strategy.

As I sat and waited hoping for some fly-by's by the eagle or osprey, I watched the Phoebe flying down to the waters edge to get the occasional insect. A Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker was seriously working a tree up and down and all around.

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