Monday, December 13, 2010

Morning with the Eagles

After a couple of rainy days, I wanted to give the scope a try today. I went to the lake but after a couple of attempts, knew it was not the day to try. Winds steady 15-25 with gust up to 35+ mph making wind chill temps down in the teens. Needless to say, far too much movement from the wind.

So I pulled out the trusty 100-400 and seated it on the tripod. Still, too much wind. White caps were on the lake and I really thought about just hanging it up for the morning.

About that time, two then three eagles. These were all young eagles. As I was attempting to get some shots and two adults joined the flying frenzy. I was so engaged with just watching them I mostly said the heck with pictures. After the brief flying frenzy they settled down.
Out of 100+ shots, barely a handful decent. I continue to say these are my nemesis birds. For the life of me I cannot seem to get good shots. I am bound and determined to get a couple I feel good about. I have the rest of December vacation to try.
My friend and I have settled on a date to go down east to the major wildlife refuges to see the migratory waterfowl. We are going to do our trip planning tomorrow during a sidebar trip. I know the eagles also come in now so I will have a chance at another location. Looking so forward to this trip. 24 species of ducks and thousands of snow geese. If I don't get something decent, I will give up.

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