Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Young Eagle Bully

Despite being dark and gray, I went to the lake this morning to see what was out. A lot of Mergansers, gulls and herons. Much displaying from the herons as they are searching for a mate.
A snowy egret was also visiting and its brillant white really stood out against the dullness of a winter day.

After being out for a while we went inside to warm a bit and came back out. We had a treat from the eagles when we returned. There was one young one sitting in what is the favored tree for the eagles. Another came flying in and gave it a wallop. The young eagle that had been sitting on the tree limb went tumbling but regained its composure. After a brief display of bravado it flew off and the incoming eagle was now king of the limb. Sorry for the bad photo. It was very dark and just out of lens range but I thought the shot was funny.
The loser flew on up the lake. I sort of feel sorry for them since the lake is freezing over with only a few open water places remaining. This one flew several times down to the lake only to find it covered over with ice. They have been eating fish heavily for several days now so hopefully they will be okay for a few days until it warms back up a little. It is not a thick layer of ice so it won't take much of a temp rise to melt.

Even the silly Canada Geese that flew in slipped and slided as they landed on the ice. Several lost their balance and it made for a humerous sight.
It has started snowing and sleeting again this afternoon. Weather folks still can't say exactly what they think we may get. Hopefully not much. Our trip to Lake Mattamuskeet has already been postponed from tomorrow until Monday so we can see what the weather is going to do.

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