Monday, January 6, 2014


By the time the drizzle and gray clouds cleared up today, the  blast cold air started flowing in.  Single digit temps in the morning with high of 24.  Too cold.  It will be short lived thankfully with temps back up to around 60 for the weekend.  That is a good thing because I am helping with an eagle count on Sunday.  Just hope the rain holds off too.

After leaving the trailcam out for several days without checking, I decided I better go check it.  Good thing as the card was completely filled.  Also a raccoon had smudged the camera lens so all the shots for two days are a bit misty.

A doe and her offspring were there when one of the bucks came up.  She eyed him warily and both doe soon departed.

Two young bucks, and I mean young showed up.  Not sure where all the big bucks that came last year are.  Hopefully they did not meet the fate of a hunter encounter.  These two young ones were feeling their oats and clashing antlers a bit.

This afternoon I put a little extra out and spread out further so if the piggish bucks come up, hopefully some will be left for the doe in another spot.

The fox couple also came through.  This pair has been together for at least three years.  Each year it is fun to watch the way they interact with each other and I always look forward to when they bring their young out.

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