Tuesday, January 28, 2014


For there to have been so much talk about snow, if it is coming at all it is taking its time.  The cold is absolutely miserable so it might as well snow.  At least you could enjoy some pretty scenery.

The birds have been steadily visiting the suet feeders and the birdseed feeders all day.  They really like this last batch of suet where I added some apple sauce to the mix.

Bird list today:  Pine Warblers,  Downy WP's, Red-bellied WP's, Houses Finches, Cardinals, Eastern Towhee,  Eastern Bluebirds, Yellow-rumped Warblers , Dark-eyed Juncos,  White-throated Sparrows, Doves,Tufted Titmice, Carolina Wrens, Carolina Chickadee, Winter Wrenn, White-breasted Nuthatch.

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