Thursday, January 30, 2014

Injured Deer

Late yesterday afternoon when I put the food out I gave the deer and extra portion.  With snow on the ground and the exceptional cold, I figured they needed a little extra.  They came fairly early when it was still light out.  I stood and watched one that was trying to maneuver on three legs.  The doe were shunning the injured deer which of course is a natural act since an injured animal is more susceptible to becoming prey.

From the window I thought that is was a doe since it was with the herd but after looking closely at the trailcam shots, realized it was a buck that had already shed its antlers.

I sent a couple of photos to my friend who is a large animal vet and asked her for her  best guess.  It did not sound good which is what I suspected.  As hunting season is now over, I guess my only legal option is to call the wildlife folks and see if they will send an officer out.  I really think it would be terribly cruel to let the animal continue to suffer and die a slow horrible death.

What a difference no antlers make.  When he had his antlers and would come to the feeding site, all the doe would scatter.  Now with no antlers and an injury to boot, he has been relegated to the back behind the doe.

I will watch this afternoon and check the trailcam tomorrow before making my decision .

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